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March/April 2005
Volume 68, Number 4

Feature stories:

Mar/Apr 05 cover  

Can a Guy Who Sells Soap Win Over an Ivory Tower?

John Pepper ’60 used to be chief executive of Procter & Gamble. Now he’s trying to bring the efficiency of a Fortune 500 company to a famously decentralized university.



Are You Charlotte Simmons?
Tom Wolfe ’57PhD tried to depict student life at an elite college in his latest novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons. Did he get it right? A panel of undergraduates weighs in.



The Map That Changed the West

William Clark’s master map of the Lewis and Clark expedition, now in the Beinecke, introduced a young nation to the Rockies, Indian towns, the way to Santa Fe—and an imaginary river or two.



Out of the Blue

A Seder, Ivy League–style, in 1943.



from the editor

Ethics and medical research; the case for legacy admissions.

light & verity
+  law profs win one in court
+  the future of Protestantism at Yale
+  an SOM professor resigns over misconduct

Handsome Dan XV, R.I.P.

scene on campus
Another side of Yale nightlife.

q&a: rick levin
Should university presidents dabble in politics?

Why it’s so hard to blow the whistle.

Diagnosing autism early; robins and Lyme disease; a snail’s tale.

arts & culture
What’s so great about the BAC; a cartoonist writes for the stage; Michael Jordan’s last stand.

news from alumni house
What’s in a website.

old yale
When Yale commited apostasy.

where they are now
For inner-city college applicants, it’s a seller’s market.

last look


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