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May 1998
Volume 61, Number 7

Feature stories:

Just Be Nice

May 98

Everywhere one looks, civility seems to be on the decline. In an excerpt from a new book on the subject, Stephen L. Carter, the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Law, examines the roots of the “niceness crisis”—and suggests how we can treat each other better.


Teacher Power

The idea of professors and public-school teachers working together to improve curricula is too good for town and gown to keep to themselves. So after 20 years, the Yale–New Haven Teachers Institute is preparing to go national.


Amazin’ Blades

Despite early predictions of yet another dismal year, the men’s hockey team surprised its critics and enjoyed the best season ever, finishing first in the ECAC and drawing a bid to play in the NCAA championships. A father-and-son team recount a campaign to savor, long after the final whistle.





Light & Verity
+  the University becomes a major player in the technology-transfer game
+  Commons will again serve an evening repast
+  will Yale derail the Farmington Canal rails-to-trails project?
+  a historic church is hit by arson
+  predicting earthquakes by looking at lichens
+  swimmers’ centennial
+  the nine commandments of Daily Themes
+  a new dean for the Graduate School
+  a cancer researcher turns salmonella bacteria into a friend—and patents an instant suntan

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Winter Scoreboard

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In Afteryears …
Written by Prescott Bush ’17 in 1966, in anticipation of his 50th reunion.

Old Yale
The Greatest College Cheer: “Brek-ek-ek-ex ko-ax, ko-ax”


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