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As with so much at Yale, speculation on campus about potential presidential candidates is mostly low-key and refined. Still, there’s been some chatter. Here’s what we’ve heard.


  Peter Salovey

If anyone gets an interview, it will be psych professor Peter Salovey ’86PhD; it’s so obvious that the head of the search committee has confirmed it. Salovey has held three of the biggest titles at Yale: dean of the Graduate School, dean of Yale College, and now provost. Groomed for leadership? Nobody’s more dapper. It can’t hurt that he’s known for his work on emotional intelligence.

Seems logical, but…

  Linda Lorimer

To the untrained eye, Vice President Linda Koch Lorimer ’77JD looks like a natural: she’s been Levin’s highly capable right-hand administrator from day one, responsible for getting many of his initiatives off the ground. But Lorimer isn’t an academic, and Yale’s search committee made it clear in an October statement that their choice will be “a scholar and educator.”

Old hands

  Andy Hamilton Alison Richard

The presidential ranks of academia are rife with former Yale provosts. Yale might eye chemist Andy Hamilton (left)—though he’s only been running Oxford for three years, so it might be early for him to bow out. Or, if Yale wants an august retiree, it will no doubt mull Alison Richard (right), a primatologist who headed Cambridge, or Susan Hockfield, a neuroscientist who just stepped down from MIT.

The silver tongue

  Richard Brodhead

The beloved literature professor and celebrated orator Richard Brodhead ’68, ’72PhD, was no doubt a contender for Yale’s presidency 20 years ago. In 2004, he got Duke’s. Whether he might like to switch shades of blue, and whether the search committee wants a seasoned pro or a younger talent, are unknown.

Pipe dream

  Hillary Rodham Clinton

The New Haven Register raised the name of Hillary Clinton ’73JD—in a headline, no less. But people on campus say: get real. Yale isn’t likely to seek an international celebrity, let alone one who’s spent her life not in academia, but in Democratic politics. Plus, Hill may have other things to do.


  Richard Revesz

Yale doesn’t have to hire from inside. Here’s one off-campus possibility: Richard Revesz ’83JD, eminent dean of the NYU law school and environmental law expert. Revesz consulted with Yale about its partnership with the National University of Singapore, where his school has a degree program.

Dark horses

  Mary Miller Judith Chevalier Tom Pollard

When Levin was picked, his administrative résumé amounted to chairing the economics department, plus all of one year as Graduate School dean. He was a genuine long shot. Yale today has many faculty/managers: Yale College dean Mary Miller ’81PhD (left), ex–deputy provost Judith Chevalier ’89 (center), Sterling Professor Ian Shapiro ’83PhD, Global Health Initiative director Betsy Bradley ’96PhD, Graduate School dean Tom Pollard (right)… to name just a few. The search committee will surely think hard about local talent, both the obvious and the less well known.  the end





Exit Levin, Smiling Richard Levin ’74PhD will step down at the end of this academic year, his 20th as president of Yale. We review the highs and lows of his much-praised tenure.

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What should Yale be looking for in President Levin’s successor?

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In an interview, the president talks about his best and worst moments—and unfinished business.

Yale has more information on the presidential search at presidential-search.yale.edu. We’ll report on any new developments in the search on our news blog, 06520.


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