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A Guide to Student Style
Is there a singular “Yale look”? Not anymore. But some students have a keen sense of personal style, whether it comes out in blue blazers or purple high-tops.

When I was a high school senior, and people asked if I was nervous about going to Yale, I remember responding, “I’m worried that no one else will eat frozen pizzas or watch America’s Next Top Model.” It was mostly the latter. Part of it was a fear that I wouldn’t find people with my enthusiasm for prime-time television, but part of it was that I didn’t know if there was a place on the Yale campus for someone interested in fashion design and trendspotting.

As it turns out, there is. There are two fashion clubs—YCouture and Runway Inc.—and a handful of students in every class who take up internships or post-Yale careers in the industry. But interest in fashion on campus doesn’t stop there; it also takes a more personal shape. Yes, there is an abundance of sweat pants and hoodies at Yale, but there’s also a population of students who are deliberate and enthusiastic about what they wear.

It might be hard to see what their sartorial choices have in common, but that’s perhaps the difference between fashion at Yale today and fashion in the bygone days, when every Yale man was supposed to have a tweed jacket and a pair of white bucks. Today fashion at Yale is as diverse as the student body. For some students, self-styling is an important means of expression; for some, it’s just fun. And there’s a plus: I even found people who would watch America’s Next Top Model with me.


Emmanuelle Pickett ’12

This native Californian filmmaker’s outfit balances bold, vintage-inspired statement pieces with timeless styles. Her style is inspired by “youthful use of color in Jean-Luc Godard’s French New Wave films and the ‘Beatles boots’ and black leather jackets that characterized Nico and the Velvet Underground.”

(1) Mod-inspired red trapeze coat with gold buttons, for a glamorous yet understated retro feel

(2) Blue velvet necktie, a feminine alternative to a necklace

(3) Black skinny pants à la Audrey Hepburn


Vlad Chituc ’12

Vlad once joked that he tries to look “like I go to Yale but still listen to good music.” Drawing on music blogs and “some of that scene,” Vlad’s style is creative and alternative.

(1) Blue and white oxford button-down makes the outfit appear polished

(2) Light grey cardigan softens the look

(3) Keys and silver belt buckle add texture and patterns and give the outfit a relaxed, laid-back vibe


Sharon Yin ’12

Sharon describes her style as preppy, with classic silhouettes. Some of her inspiration comes from her hometown in northern Virginia.

(1) Classic black cardigan

(2) Tweed skirt in yellow, black, and white check pattern

(3) Simple black flats, essential for a busy day of running about campus


David Chan ’12

David has graduated, but he always wore his staple pieces to class. He regrets the passing of the era when “everyone dressed up to go to class.”

(1) White oxford button-down paired with a blue sweater: ultra prep

(2) Traditional chinos, nontraditional color (he’s also got a pair in Nantucket red)

(3) Loafers to dress up the outfit


Ming-Toy Taylor ’12

“I remember going to my grade school in Kentucky wearing construction boots, a flannel, and a tutu, which is to say that I have been sort of weird for a long time, and it’s always been manifest in my clothes,” says Ming. She wears pieces that are all takes on popular trends but with unique cuts and fits that give her outfits a distinctive personality.

(1) Casual cuffed flannel shirt—an unconventional pairing with the modern, structured jeans

(2) High-waisted charcoal jeans, a riff on the popular skinny ankle pant, tailored to Ming’s tall, lean frame

(3) Brown slouched boots give cohesion to the look


Daniel Greenberg ’14PhD

Dan doesn’t just study history: he wears it. A frequent thrift-store shopper (with vintage records in tow), Dan looks as though he stepped out of an earlier time.

(1) Classic navy and white schoolboy muffler

(2) Navy sport coat, once ubiquitous with Yale men

(3) Pink shirt, paired with a green sweater, keeps the look young and vibrant

(4) Brown boat shoes mended with painter’s tape are a New England tradition


Gabriel Deleon ’14

Gabriel likes to “stay in the spirit of salvage”: what he wears is “inherited, gifted, or found.” The result is a look that is young, hip, and best of all, sustainable.

(1) ’80s-style loose button-down can be also be paired with jeans and a cardigan for fall

(2) Electric-blue cuffed bermudas

(3) Purple high-top sneakers make the look fun throughout


Kristin Graves ’14PhD

Kristin’s style is feminine and delicate, but with an edge. She pairs pieces with soft fabrics and light tones with darker, more structured accessories to create a look that is thoughtful and elegant.

(1) Neutral black cardigan with a small colorful pattern

(2) Wide black belt and black backless sandals dress up the look and give it some edge

(3) Elegant light green ruffled skirt with gold embellishment



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