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November/December 2007
Volume 71, Number 2

Feature stories:

Yale’s Big Green Experiment

Suddenly, the university wants to be a leader in sustainability. The big push affects everything from power plants to tomato plants.

Building for Keeps
A model of sustainable design on Science Hill.

The Forest, the Trees, and the World
The environment school’s history.

The Green Blues
Environmental advice for Yalies, from Yalies.

A sampling of Yale’s environmental research.


First Days at Yale

The Freshman Address

A liberal education should help students decide “what you should value and how you should live,” Yale’s president told the Class of 2011.

Whence They Came
New students’ origins, by the numbers.

First Thoughts
First-year students talk about what they’re doing here.



From the Editor

Readers write back about political correctness, immigration, and more.

Light & Verity
Peru and Yale agree on Machu Picchu; a victory for military recruiters at the Law School; a star architect for SOM’s new campus.

A new engineering dean with a taste for ice cream.

Where They Are Now
An alumnus on surviving concentration camp, and on what came after.

Scene on Campus
The fate of a cardboard boat.

Old Yale
When stones fell from the sky in 1807, Benjamin Silliman was on the case.

Q&A: Rick Levin
Why the president drives a Prius.

A not-quite-quantum leap for quantum computing; docs can’t do stats; Rwanda, radio, and reconciliation.

Arts & Culture
The real writers of “nattering nabobs” and “axis of evil”; Mark Twain’s “lost” play; memoirs, madness, and espresso macchiato.

News from Alumni House
The AYA’s new strategic plan.

Sporting Life
Rewriting the football record book.

School Notes
News about your Yale school.


Last Look


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