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September/October 2005
Volume 69, Number 1

Feature stories:


Breaking the Tantrum Cycle

When your kid whines, screams, hits, kicks, and bites—relax. Child psychologist Alan Kazdin can help you find your inner parent.



Mission to Guantánamo

In 1992, a band of law professors and students sued the US government for the right to visit their Haitian clients. The feds played hardball.



The Bohemian, the Bolsheviks, and the Old Blues

She interviewed Lenin, Trotsky, and Mussolini and captivated Eugene O’Neill. But she couldn’t fit in with the Yale crowd. Now, Louise Bryant’s long-lost papers have come to Sterling Memorial Library.



from the editor

Readers write about Swensen’s secrets and the value of a liberal education.

light & verity
+  map-theft arrest at the Beinecke
+  a new nursing dean
+  how to teach in the city
+  are Yale workers happy?

Remembering John Ostrom, hunter of dinosaurs.

scene on campus
Lunch à la cart at the med school.

q&a: rick levin
The art of the hire: how to find a dean.

Climate déjà vu; the weird “song” of the violin bird; TV can be hazardous to seniors’ health.

arts & culture
Boot camp for cabaret singers; a psychological thriller set in New Haven; Alan Dershowitz ’62LLB reflects on Floyd Abrams ’59LLB.

sporting life
For many Yalies, the real sports scene is intramural.

old yale
A birthday for Yale’s “temple of the mind.”

where they are now
An alum visits 50 states in 50 days; a lawyer looks back on the Supreme Court’s 1965 birth control decision.

news from alumni house
Reunions from a spouse’s perspective.


last look


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