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May/June 2005
Volume 68, Number 5

Feature stories:

May/June 2005 cover  

Gods and Man at Yale
Yale’s 300-year journey from Congregationalist college to multifaith university hasn’t always been smooth. But the reviews so far are good. The Yale Alumni Magazine offers four short takes on belief at Yale today: an overview, a field guide to campus faith groups, a survey of the chaplaincy, and a look at what it’s like to be a devout undergraduate.



World Class

The World Fellows Program brings an energetic group of young international leaders to campus for a semester every year. How does the experience change them, and how is it changing Yale?



Time and Change

Across the campus, a handful of clocks adorning buildings defy the digital age. Every April and October, craftsman Kirtland H. Crump climbs towers to move the clocks' hands and keep them running.



Out of the Blue

On the author’s role in the freshman boxing championship, a fight the Yale Daily News described as “a fisticuff tea party.”



from the editor

Perspectives on management; more on ROTC.

light & verity
+  new financial aid plan
+   Yale and Nobelist in lawsuit
+   TA strike, lite
+   an evening with campus stargazers

Allan Bromley remembered.

scene on campus
Yale on horseback.

q&a: rick levin
Weapons of mass destruction.

Plastics and the brain; engineering a better golfer; ancient genetic tricks.

arts & culture
A $2 million first novel; the life of Boswell’s cabinet; Scully and company on Yale’s buildings.

old yale
Jerome Davis: “Anarchist, Bolshevist, and Communist.”

where they are now
A sumo wrestler throws his weight around.

sporting life
Big seasons for women’s squash and women’s hockey; figure skaters stay sharp at Ingalls Rink.

news from alumni house
What it’s like to be on the Yale Corporation.


last look


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