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January/February 2005
Volume 68, Number 3

Feature stories:

Jan/Feb 2005 cover  

The Innovator

When Erin Lavik got her first chemistry set at age seven, the first thing she did was mix the chemicals she wasn’t supposed to mix. In high school, she built a catapult that cracked her parents’ windshield. As a biomedical engineer, she has created the next best thing to a miracle.



House Proud
In 1969, a handful of black students founded the Afro-American Cultural Center—“the House”—as shelter and home base for African Americans at Yale. What does the House mean today to those who love it? On its 35th anniversary, House-affiliated alumni talked about outreach, Saturday night dances, and where they’d like Yale to try harder.



Youth and Consequences

In the game most people were watching, Yale lost to Harvard. But at the places where football and life intersect, the contests were more complicated and the victories harder to call.



from the editor

Readers weigh in on legacy admissions; the magazine wins an award.

light & verity
+  new seminars for freshmen
+  top fund-raiser resigns
+  how the College voted

A million-dollar prize for Pelikan; White House honors for Scully.

scene on campus
Looking down on Science Hill.

q&a: rick levin
Making room for art.

How to outsmart the food industry.

Spicy history; the world before DNA; sun-tanned mice; common causes.

arts & culture
Prosek on Audubon; all-Yalie film festival; Clarence Thomas up close.

news from alumni house
A social justice summer fellowship.

old yale
Long before Michael Doonesbury, there was Ichabod Academicus.

sporting life
Women’s soccer and volleyball make the NCAA tournaments.

where they are now
An alum embedded in Fallujah; a blues-playing bishop.

last look


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