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May/June 2004
Volume 67, Number 5

Feature stories:

May/June 04 cover  

For Country: The (Second) Great All-Blue
Presidential Race

As George W. Bush ’68 and John Kerry ’66 go out on the hustings, a historian ponders the reasons why Yale has a lock on the White House.


Missed Opportunities

Yale may have made Bush and Kerry. But neither of them made enough of Yale.



Flipping It

How a lawyer and an economist set out to change the world by looking at life upside down and sideways.



When Yale Went to War

The familiar rhythm of life at Yale changed overnight after the invasion of Pearl Harbor, as the university prepared for “total conversion to war.” Excerpts from a forthcoming book by Richard Nash Gould ’68, ’72MArch, recall those days with words and images of the time.



from the editor

The Coffin years; thoughts on obesity; did Yale reject Martin Luther King Jr.?

light & verity
New deans for the college and the Graduate School; libertarian invasion; rebels with causes.

An eye for African art; the college lands a Poet Laureate.

scene on campus
A kendo convocation.

q&a: rick levin
Why Yale is betting on China.

A Muslim and former Frenchman explains why he became an American.

Hello, Sedna; the virginity pledge may not protect; party loyalty bends opinion

arts & culture
Searching for Louis Kahn; the first anatomist of the brain.

where they are now
A Law School alumna who was ahead of her time.

sporting life
Yale cyclists burn up the miles; student announcers make the playoffs

old yale
Yale’s first student.

news from alumni house

last look


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