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January/February 2004
Volume 68, Number 3

Feature stories:

Jan/Feb 2004 cover  

Underground Yale

From rhinos and rows of gilded clocks to medical mannequins, the museum holdings in underground storage at Yale are not your typical basement detritus.



Cuban Dream State

When Carlos Eire was an 11-year-old in Havana, he shouted obscenities at pro-Castro marchers. Now a religious studies professor at Yale, he has won the National Book Award with a hallucinatory memoir of faith and revolution.



Jonathan Edwards Would Have Wept

Latin? Theology? Sure, but they’re optional. In a revision of the college curriculum, the faculty says yes to more writing, more numbers, and foreign language for all.



Untangling the Brain

Evolution shaped the human brain for speech. Literacy is a neurological afterthought, and when the wiring goes wrong, the result is dyslexia. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz are pioneering ways to hook up the neurons for reading.



from the editor


light & verity
+  the dean decamps for Duke
+  an environmentally correct barbecue
+  keeping Marie Curie’s torch alight


scene on campus

q&a: rick levin
The budget has sprung a leak, but the president’s not worried.

The nation’s finest law faculty takes on the world’s biggest military.

The politics of breathing; where all that sand in Utah came from; respect your elders (even when they’re microbes).

arts & culture
Understudy hits the big time on Broadway; forever young on the Sunset Strip; why printing has been going downhill ever since the Gutenberg Bible; plus Yale cultural calendar.

where they are now
Q&As with alumni.

sporting life
The New York Times Book Review editor goes to the Yale-Harvard game.

old yale
Martin Luther King Jr. at Yale.

news from alumni house

last look


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