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From the Archives

“Freshman freak-out” is an issue every Yale student knows a little about. That’s where FOOT steps in. FOOT (Freshman Outdoor Orientation Trips) is designed to teach camping skills, expose students to the beauty of the Northeast, and, above all, create lasting friendships. Six groups, each including eight freshmen and two leaders, pioneered the 30-mile trek in the Catskills without any major catastrophes, only some discomfort. Showers being non-existent, the only chance to freshen up was with a swim. But, as Jamie Williams '86 noted, “Part of the fun is getting dirty together.”


I was shocked, and shall stay shocked until my dying day, when in 1922, as I was walking along York Street, admiring the beautiful architecture of the Quad, I saw through Oriel windows denizens of the Quad performing the rite of ablution. I had been dreaming the windows represented libraries when, lo and behold, I was suddenly reminded of the wash realities of life.


As an economy move, the gates of Yale’s ten residential colleges are without their nighttime guards. Thus ends an era during which many of the guards were elder brothers and father confessors to undergraduates. Most have been shifted to other duties. George Ives, who was on Davenport gate from the day the college opened, now drives, gun on hip, a Brinks truck that totes small fortunes to and from banks. Says he feels much safer on his new job.


Last month, we noted that the University had witnessed the beginning and probable end of “streaking” when three male sophomores made a nude dash down Broadway. We were wrong. Just before our April issue reached our readers, the Old Campus became the staging area for several nights of mass streaks. As many as 300 students bared all. Because there are a limited number of variations on the basic theme of running nude in public, ingenious streakers improvised by playing instruments (one flutist, in particular, drew raves) and by accenting their dashes with exploding fireworks.


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