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Summer 2002
Volume 65, Number 8

Feature stories:

Summer 2002 cocver  

Making Music Matter

How does a classical musician get to Carnegie Hall? The answer these days involves far more than “practice, practice, practice.” Under the leadership of Dean (and pianist) Robert S. Blocker, the Yale School of Music has found a combination of innovative and traditional ways to train students to become virtuoso performers, composers, and conductors—and employable.



Out of the Blue

Michiko Kakutani of the New York Times on young people born in the early 1980s and afterward—the post-GenX generation.



A Lower Key Commencement

While the tragic events of September 11 served as a somber backdrop for Yale’s 301st Commencement, the awarding of an honorary degree to Steven Spielberg added an upbeat dash of Hollywood to the proceedings.



Thinking About September 11

The 2002 Baccalaureate Address.


Carter Wiseman '68

From the Editor

A letter from the editor of the Yale Alumni Magazine.


March 2001 Tercentennial cover

From the Chairman

The Yale Alumni Magazine and Yale: A Salute




Light & Verity
+  Maya Lin wins
+  a policy on drugs and financial aid
+  150 years of New London races

From the Archives

In Print
Legal thriller, Sinclair Lewis revealed, deep poetry.

YDN “Sex and the (Elm) City” columnist Natalie Krinsky ’04 tells most.

African American quilts, book-making, Norfolk music.

New Peabody head; Garrison Keillor; Ben Carson inspires.

Spring Scores

Inside the Blue Book
Doctors, lawyers, bioethics.

AYA Spring Assembly
Considering free speech.

News from Alumni House

Old Yale
When rowing went formal.


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