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From the Archives

“Where DJs Gather”

If you happen to be in New Haven around midnight on a Monday night, and your dial is set for 94.3 FM, you just might pick up some unusual strains. The music may sound bold and brassy, or maybe it’s low-key and mellow, but chances are you have stumbled upon “Music from the Swamp,” one of many programs broadcast from the studios of the Yale campus radio, WYBC. Every Monday night, a band sets up its equipment in one of the back studios of the station and plays its music live over the air. Thor Moser, a junior in Saybrook and general manager of WYBC, says, “We have a mixer board so we mix the instruments. It sounds garage-y, but people enjoy it.”


“Machines Confiscated”

Life really dragged that first day after vacation, as memories of parties, the sunny South, and sleep filled the minds of Yale’s undergraduates. Tuesday morning, however, students awakened with a start to read the startling headline in the News: “Beta Theta Pi’s 'Gambling Joint' Raided by Police.” A careful perusal of the column revealed that two slot machines had merely been confiscated by enterprising New Haven police. Sergeant Reynolds warned, “Any other gambling joints in Yale that are keeping achines had better get rid of them mighty quick.”


“Campus Views and News”

Although the “Lost and Found” department of the News sometimes has insertions under the former category, the latter is invoked almost never. Thus it is particularly noteworthy that the first found item in a long time should be of this sort: “Found—gold bridge with two teeth attached, in Yale Station yesterday morning. Apply at campus police office.”


“Undergraduate Yale”

The University has recently decided that its members will wear coats and ties all the time in order to satisfy its sense of dignity. The suggestion was made via a letter mailed to all students this past summer, when opposition was understandably disorganized and dispersed. Men returned to find the doors of their dining halls guarded by graduate student monitors, hired by the University to assure uniformity.

The atmosphere of enforcement is offensive to many. At meals, sports jackets and ties are hurriedly passed from men at the table to those waiting for their meals, and a variety of weird cardboard ties, high-necked sweaters, and sleight of hand has been developed to ease the unwilling past the watching eyes of the dining hall staffs.



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