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March 2000
Volume 63, Number 5

Feature stories:

Days of Duck and Cover

March 00 cover  

After 30 years as a leading scholar of the Cold War, historian John Lewis Gaddis is letting his research and writing take a back seat to undergraduate teaching. In only three years at Yale, he has won a healthy following among students eager to make sense of a conflict that ended when they were children.


The Persistence of Poetry

Verse is alive and thriving at Yale. Students and professors are writing, reciting, and publishing poetry, and they’re using the close reading of great works as a way to understand the world.


The Magical Medical Mouse

Twenty years ago, Yale researchers found a way to merge pieces of the genetic code of different species with the genes of a mouse. The resulting “transgenic” rodents have proven to be valuable models in the ongoing battle against many human diseases.




Light & Verity
+ a half-billion to support science
+ a Yale in Wales must alter its name
+ don’t worry—much—about asteroids
+ the psychological consequences of bad hair days

T-shirts talk more than fitness at the new and improved Payne Whitney Gym.

In Print
An examination of your innards; a millennial agenda.

News From Alumni House

Inside the Blue Book
A history of art course turns students into connoisseurs.

A Sterling honor for the man behind fractals; Larry Flynt; a Talking Head in Mambo class.

From the Archives

College Comment
Who needs investment banking? Dot-com mania strikes job-hunting seniors.

New works by Jasper Johns; an O. C. Marsh celebration; “modern” art at the BAC.

Old Yale
The estate at 52 Hillhouse Avenue has housed business scholars and agriculturists.


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